R-MAP For 3D Automated Individual Tree, Biomass, and Object Mapping

Our unique R-MAP technology replaces costly and often dangerous field work with airborne Measuring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) rapid response and high resolution stereo imagery to quantify individual trees and 3D assets at either the forest wide, stand or plot levels.

What is R-MAP?

Energy, safety and labour costs for collecting field data in remote and large tracts of land for resource management and asset monitoring became prohibitively expensive in the late 1990s in Northern Canada. R-MAP was developed to integrate three scientific disciplines: high resolution aerial photography, remote sensing of satellite imagery and the temporal biometric growth and yield relationships of vegetative biomass.

R-MAP is a proprietary process that ties the analysis of these 3 sciences together with rugged low altitude capable bush aircraft to capture the geo-referenced imagery and give quantifiable precision to vegetative metrics required in resource management and remote asset monitoring. R-MAP has been used mainly in Canada, U.S.A. and Chile but with its low level aircraft capabilities has many uses in the tropics and areas of perpetual cloud cover.

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